Dye Happy

Use one of our dye kits to create a truly unique garment and add a colour of your personal choosing. Ten colours have been specially selected for you.  Sewing threads included in your kit are 100% natural so will dye to match your linen garment exactly. Garment dying at home in a dye bath of only 6 litres can give a truly professional finish if you follow our ‘How to Dye Happy’ YouTube instruction video.

Why not tie dye your garment as our dye kits provide all that you need to fashion a relaxed boho look. All you have to add is salt and a peppering of creativity! The twine in our kits is 100% natural Jute. Biodegradable and compostable with very similar properties to the flax used in your linen fabric.  Like flax, jute is a rapidly renewable and durable plant fibre which grows in only 40 days with little or no requirement for pesticides, fertilizers or water other than rain.

Our jute twine is in its natural state and has had none of the harsh chemical bleach often applied to cotton string.  After using it to tie dye your garment why not re-use it for colourful packaging string or garden twine.

Dye Happy Instructional Video