Sew at Home


Join the millions of creative individuals now calling home sewing their hobby. Be part of a new generation of stylish, contemporary makers, of environmentally aware, design-conscious consumers.  Sewing is now being tackled from a fashion and design point of view.  Cut Couture kits have been developed with this in mind.  Sustainable, Stylish sewing for those who want to create and personalise truly one-off pieces.

Market research firm Mintel reports a 12% rise in people doing some sort of needlecraft as a hobby in the last three years.   Over 7 million Brits now declare making their own clothes as one of their chosen pastimes.   High-powered people with stressful jobs in the City want to do something to release the professional pressure with something calm and creative.  They want to create, connect, engage, and even show off.

Making is part of being human, yet as a society we are suffering from the effect of increased screen time and the lack of real fulfilment that often accompanies that.  The rhythmic, repetitive moments necessary to sew are proven to have therapeutic benefits and improve mental health and emotional wellbeing, increasing production of serotonin which contributes to wellbeing and general happiness.

With Cut Couture employ your basic skills and with minimal outlay achieve very rewarding results. Make your own clothes, garment dye to a colour of your choice and wear with pride for years to come, as the linen in your fabric kit is the strongest sustainable natural fashion fibre available.


Slow Fashion

Buck the fast fashion trend and go sew slow.  Join the Slow Fashion revolution. Slow fashion is about quality instead of quantity—garments that can last years or even a lifetime  Take time and care in the production of your Cut Couture fashion garment and it will give you years of happy wearing …  “Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time” .  (Voltaire)

Why sew at home?   Because it makes you sew happy!