About Sue


Hi, I am Sue! The creator of Cut Couture. I herald from generations of ‘Textile Folk’ born and bred amongst the Lancashire Textile mills. Yarns and fabrics are in my blood.

My Father, Grandparents and Great Aunty worked in spinning and weaving. I crafted my first piece of clothing at the age of 7 guided by my Mother, a Textiles and Design Technology teacher. I gained a degree in Design followed by professional Textile Technology qualifications awarded by the Textile Institute at Bolton University then worked for 12 years in the International textiles and clothing industry as a fabric and garment sourcing agent. In order to be able to continue a career in the field I loved whilst raising children, I became a teacher of Textiles for 9 years before returning to business to create my Cut Couture Kits.

Sustainability and a low waste/no waste life style are not new ideas for me, I have always lived by this ethos to the point where I have been the butt of jokes for my frugality at times. I am pleased to say the rest of the world is catching up and a ‘Sustainable’ lifestyle is now accepted as the way forwards.

I am going to be completely honest here…as a young person my focus was not on saving the world, I was not a ‘tree hugger’ or ‘eco-warrior’ but I did, and do still, HATE waste. Wasting not just product, but money. I was brought up with a waste not want not attitude and the philosophy of ‘save the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’.

Having made my own clothes for over 40 years, I have cupboards full of fabric that may just ‘come in handy’ one day! And indeed, they do. As a textile agent 20 years ago one of my customers for fabric was Burberry. A sample length of their famous check found its way from the back of my fabric cupboard this year into a customised Nike trainer my son designed and produced to get himself a place in the London College of Fashion! I sent him off to Uni with a 1960’s piece of tweed handed down to me by a lady who knew I would make good use of it (thank you Julie-Anne), which I hand edged with blanket stitch, to create a bed throw for his room in halls. A totally ‘Mum’ thing to do I know, but he loves it….at least he tells me so!

Over 25 years ago, for my A level final project, I produced a heavy winter coat from an old Royal Stewart Woollen blanket of my Grandmas, which 3 years ago I ‘lent’ to my daughter as she started her Fashion career in London. She wears it just as often as I did and gets the same complements about its quirky style. Now that IS sustainable living!

So as I decided to turn my passion for fashion, fabric and frugality into a business a sustainable approach came naturally. Many of the clothes in my wardrobe are over 20 years old, either because I made them myself and therefore cherish them dearly, or because I invested in high quality, well-made classic styles that last. I have also been blessed with a metabolism that has resulted in a body that still fits into clothes of 30 years ago, even if I do have to go to the gym more often an eat a little less cake!