Blog - Sewing Machines. 10.1.20

Blog - Sewing Machines. 10.1.20
Tailor making jacket in Goa
Goan tailor

We arrive at our Air BnB in North Goa which is to be our colourfully psychedelic home for the next 4 nights to find, as we open the door, we are greeted by the sight of a sewing machine in the entrance hall!

Colourful Goan home
Colourful Goan home for a week

I soon discover they are everywhere, everyone in India sews. I have found my sew’l mates! The lady next door sits with her sewing machine at the window from dawn till dusk with a spectrum of colourful threads within easy reach, smiling and waving into the sunlight as we pass by several times a day and beside the local fruit and veg stall a tailor is producing bespoke leather pieces with precision.

Vintage Indian sewing machine
Vintage sewing machine, Goa
Leather work in Goa
Sewing leather in Goa