Blog - Plastic, Pollution & Poverty. 6.1.20

Blog - Plastic, Pollution & Poverty. 6.1.20
Man searching through sewage and rubbish
Searching through sewage
Pollution Sassoon Docks
Pollution at the fish market

I cannot leave Mumbai without addressing the issue of pollution and poverty. I am fortunate enough to have visited every continent of the world, always trying to avoid the tourist traps and instead seeking out what lies behind the façade presented to tourists in each country, city and village.

Never before have I been brought to tears or made to gulp involuntarily at the squalor before me.

Market garbage
Crawford market garbage
Raw sewage Mumbai shores
Raw sewage, Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

Children and parents picking through a plastic laden mud of raw sewage for whatever they can salvage to earn a rupee or two, all this as thousands of pilgrims walk buy uncaring as they parade to and from the religious monument and tomb of Haji Ali Dargah. At one of the busiest places in Mumbai the sea is awash with waste. The sky line beyond boasts the gleaming high-rise developments of Worli and Lower Parel, luxury apartments and shopping complexes which are surely only going to create more waste and excrement to add to this toxic soup.

To look on that scene and smell the stench would shock even the most wasteful of us into re-using and recycling every last stitch of what we own before the whole world drowns in garbage.