Blog - Markets of Mumbai. 2.1.20

Blog - Markets of Mumbai. 2.1.20
Street markets of Mumbai
En route to Crawford Market Mumbai
Crawford market Mumbai
Crawford Market colour and pattern

After 24hrs and 34,000 sultry steps off the beaten tracks of Mumbai I already have a library of nearly 200 photographs. With my daughter joining us for two weeks, who is as equally snap happy as I, we have found it necessary to set up an India Google Drive file to off-load the imagery from our quickly depleting phone storage!

Indian street market denim

Street market, Jeans for sale, Mumbai

From the woven wicker baskets amidst the gagging stench of fish at Sassoon Docks to the perfectly piled denim on route to Crawford Market there is a myriad of colour and pattern at every turn.

Gutting fish, season docks

Gutting fish, Sasoon Docks Mumbai

Fish baskets Sasoon Docks

Fish baskets, Sasoon Docks

Intricately carved wooden blocks catch my eye displayed on the pavement in jewel like fashion.  Despite a reminder from my husband that it is day one, and I will have to carry any purchases around for 6 weeks, I part with 100 rupees to become the delighted owner of a pretty little peacock.  Hand printing with this little gem on my linen garments will be all the more fun knowing from exactly where it came.

wooden block prints

Hand carved wooden blocks, Mumbai.