32 years ago, as I left University with my shiny new Design Degree (Specialising in Ceramic & Textile Surface Pattern) I was fortunate enough to exhibit in the very first New Designers show at the Business Design Centre in 1988.  I was star struck and honoured when Princess Diana, who opened the show, asked for one of my business cards, Harrods approached me with a proposal for a visual merchandising project and reporters chose my stand for televising on the evening news that night.  So my new business was launched?….No, on that occasion!…

Princess Diana visits the Business Design Centre in Islington in 1988. Picture: Business Design Centre
Princess Diana visits the Business Design Centre in Islington in 1988. Picture: Business Design Centre

… I looked not one, but 3 gift horses in the mouth!  Crazy woman I hear you say!  But I was young and adventurous I couldn’t see myself re-creating, for the rest of my life in a studio somewhere in the back of beyond, the large ceramic pieces I produced for the show, each one taking a month to make.  I wanted to get out and see the world, to get involved with big business and to run with the wolves.  And so I did, for over 30 years, when eventually I got tired of running and decided it was time to go back to my crafting routes but to introduce a twist of the industrial and educational knowledge I had picked up along the way.

Searching for the right show to Introduce my business Cut Couture, and the new concept of Pre-Cut, zero waste, sustainable home dressmaking kits, I fell across the Knitting & Stitching Shows.  After lots of chats with and help from Dan & Michelle of Upper St Events I finally decided upon The Stitch Festival 2020 for my launch.  As I looked into the detail I then realised that not only would I be back at the Business Design Centre where I first exhibited over 30 years ago, but that the event is organised by Upper St Events, who also started their journey, like myself, at the New Designers Show in 1988! So a twist of fate has brought me full circle.

I am hoping that those of you who are reading this, and many more besides, will come to visit me at stand G69 or take a look at my website at as I launch my new business. I look forward to meeting you and demonstrating that my kits really are a cut above the rest!