Blog - Craft Bytes – Violet TieDyed & Beaded Skirt. 9.3.20

Blog - Craft Bytes – Violet TieDyed & Beaded Skirt. 9.3.20

I have spent far too long now nurturing the business and social media sides of Cut Couture.  So today I decided to down business tools and get Crafty before I lose my nut!

The Stitch Festival was exhausting as I launched my products to the crafting community.  However, it was wonderful to meet so many positive people and make so many new contacts.  Customers are already asking me for examples and ideas.  Therefore, I decided to put together a range of ‘Craft Bytes’ to help inspire the customisation of my Cut Couture Kits.

linen clothes on a rail, pine drawers

A byte is a term which refers to a computer’s memory.  It is usually made up of a string of at least eight digits.  Each of my Craft Bytes will be a string of 8 images posted as an Instagram story.  Together the images will demonstrate a method of creative customisation.  The possibilities are endless so I think this will keep me busy for the life of Cut Couture!  But like everyone else, I often suffer from the effect of increased screen time and the lack of real fulfilment which can accompany that.  So, I look forward to allowing myself chunks of creative time.  These I will call Craft Bytes and share through my Instagram page and Blog.

A purple tie dyed skirt
Today I posted Craft Byte Nr 1.  Two weeks ago I tie dyed one of my Lydia skirts to provide an example of my Deep Violet dye kit for display at The Stitch Festival.  In my opinion it was not a success. To me the pattern looked like X-rays of legs and knee joints!  Especially as the pattern sat exactly over the knee of the wearer!  So on return to base, I decided to over-dye the skirt using the partly exhausted dye bath which I had retained. I don’t throw it away after one use as there is always a paler shade to be achieved on a second garment.

Less offensive I still felt that the skirt needed a little more ‘oomph’. So for inspiration I went back to my library of colourful images from my recent travels to India.  A picture caught my eye of a Hindu pilgrimage vehicle in Mysore, decked in bright flower and fruit garlands.

a car with garlands in india

The garlands reminded me of some brightly coloured beads I still had from a late 1980’s necklace.  I had not, until now, found a use for them.  purple fabric with colourful beads


Rummaging through my embroidery thread supplies I found some purple viscose yarn.  I set too planning a beaded garland around the edge of the Lydia wrap skirt.  The use of double sided sticky tape helped to plan the order of the beads and prevent them from rolling around.

two lines of colourful beads

sewing beads to a skirt edge

A couple of hours later I have a Rajasthani style vivid purple skirt with rainbow beaded edge! I  cannot imagine finding an occasion to wear it!  However, it kept me sane today and took me away from the computer and Social Media for my first Craft Byte.

a purple skirt with beaded edge

Rajasthani Dressing Style